About Peter Lattey Architecture

Peter Lattey is a California licensed architect, with 30 years experience in  architecture and construction. His practice is exclusively architectural consulting, expert witness and forensic architecture.  When he is on a case, that case gets all of his knowledge and full attention, without other conflicting interests pulling him away.

Peter Lattey has worked on a wide range of building projects in the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany and Papua New Guinea.

Peter has worked for major architectural / engineering firms, construction contractors and owners and had his own architecture / engineering firm. He understands the design and construction industry from all points of view.   He has been hands on with construction and knows how a building is put together and how it can come apart of fail.  He understands how apparently solid design and construction contracts can also come apart.

He has extensive knowledge of construction contract administration and literally “wrote the book” in this field when he co-authored the contract administration manual for AECOM, one of the largest Architecture/Engineering firms in the world.

His accurate, persuasive statement of the facts often induces parties to settle the case without going to the expense of court.  This ultimately benefits his clients.

He has testified in court and given depositions on numerous occasions in California and in British Columbia, Canada.  In most cases his client has won their case.  He respects the lawyers who engaged his services and gives them full credit for these successes but in all cases his testimony was critical to the success of the case.

He has worked on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

He is a generalist, technical architect who examines a case from a broad point of view rather from a narrow specialty.  This generalist approach usually results in a shorter, and cheaper, route to the actual cause of the problem.  It also reduces the chance of being blindsided when the cause is outside of a specialist expert’s field of expertise.  When specific engineering knowledge is required, he will aggressively bring in experts as needed. This approach is more likely to produce a true insight into the causes of an issue at a lower cost.

His approach to problems is based on facts.  He works with all the players and  examines  the physical and paper evidence. He develops answers that are clear and concise and that make the client’s case unassailable. When the facts don’t support the client’s case, he makes this clear as soon as possible.

His goal is always to present facts and opinions in a clear, unambiguous manner such that opposing counsel, judge or jury have little choice but to accept them.

His clients always want the best expertise but they also must keep costs down. As an architect, he understands working with a limited budget. He knows how to be efficient in the use of his time.  He provides his clients with the best advice available at a fair cost.